Senator Cory Booker Whiffs It


You can count me amongst the people who have been worried about the meteoric rise of Cory Booker. He is the neoliberal politician personified and I was a little surprised he didn’t end up as Hillary Clinton’s vice presidential choice.

Maybe his views on public education had something to do with it.

As Daniel Katz points out, Booker has never been a fan of public schools- see the infamous failure that was “One Network” where he collaborated with Republican clown Chris Christie to privatize New Jersey schools.

But he’s at it again. This time he totally tanked when asked about Betsy DeVos’ selection as Secretary of Education. Katz writes:

“So what, exactly, does Senator Booker have to say about Betsy DeVos, a nominee who even his allies at DFER are being cautious about in tempering their enthusiasm? A potential Secretary of Education who has never attended a public school, never taught at a public school, never sent her own children to a public school, has never studied education practice and policy at any level, and who has spent decades trying to funnel public education money into private hands?

“I’m not saying anything.””

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