Betsy Devos and Public Education: The Coming Storm


In which blogger Michael Lambert summarizes all of the articles about Betsy DeVos that have been passed round the last week, and includes the wise warnings of Alison Hawver McDowell: “What’s so scary about DeVos is that she may fast forward and jump over charters by offering lean “value” private schools that rely on cyber education and Extended Learning Opportunities (ELOs). The issue most people have with vouchers is that they won’t really cover the tuition of a legitimate private school. But if they create a new “value” model where kids are warehoused cheaply and fed online content all day, a $1,500 could actually cover a chunk of tuition at a budget-rate private or religious school. People just can’t seem to wrap their mind around where this is all headed, and it’s happening even faster than I could have imagined.”

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