The Walking Man Reports a Crime


Way too early for me to up out here on the left coast after being my children’s Uber for Halloween. But through my half open eyes I read this piece from Jesse “The Walking Man” Turner- it’s an open letter about education to whomever takes over the White House after this year’s presidential circus draws to an end next week. Good stuff.

“Dear Next President, others may be willing to give you a grace period. But, after over a century and a half of inhumanity, inequity and injustice in our public school system, I can give no grace period. I will not tell Black, Brown and Poor children to wait on their aspirations of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. My intention in writing you is to report a crime against our nation’s most needy children. Any someday promise of equity and justice is coming, justifies the criminal actions of a nation against its own children.”