Top 5 Reasons @TeachForAmerica and ed reformers LOVE Trump and Rhee


Julian Vasquez Heilig on this thing with Trump, Rhee, and corporate education reformers: “Word on the street is that Teach For America (TFA) wants to publicly endorse Michelle Rhee (TFA alum) for US Secretary of Education. Apparently there is some pushback within the organization against the alliance of TFA, Rhee and Trump. The election of Donald Trump has positioned TFA, Education Post, the Democrats for Education Reform (DFERs), Black Alliance for Education Options (BAEO) and all of the other purportedly “civil rights” focused education reformers to get EVERYTHING they want— billions of dollars in privately-controlled school choice from the neoliberal president.”

Read Top 5 Reasons @TeachForAmerica and ed reformers LOVE Trump and Rhee for this nugget of love: “Have you ever noticed that Trump is actually a verb, noun, and adverb?”