Private Donations to Public Schools: The Latest Way to Undermine Funding Equity


Really not sure what else there is to say. A piece out of a Oregon looks at the role of school foundations- and the philanthropic ones, too. One of the brain slivers for me was the author’s recognition that as an early career teacher, none of this was important. It took years in the profession to understand what was going on. How do we reach out to our younger, new teachers and engage their passions and ideologies?

“The rise of school foundations has occurred alongside a much larger and more insidious trend in education. A wealthy, donor elite—the Walton Family Foundation, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation—use their influential dollars to push pet, and sometimes profitable, projects that dangerously deform public policy. From Common Core to charter schools and Teach For America, these donor-enabled initiatives have largely bypassed democratic processes, empowering the wealthiest Americans to make crucial decisions about curriculum, funding, teachers, and schools.”

Read it on AlterNet here.