Digital Learning Goes Back to School


With tablets and the right software, this approach is possible on an individualized basis: after every five minutes of individualized tablet-based instruction, students would be presented with a brief series of questions that adapt to their skill level, much as computer-adaptive tests operate today. After that assessment, the next set of instructional material would be customized according to these results.” -Questar (via Emily Talmage)

Alison McDowell and Emily Talmage are the go-to people when anyone is looking into CBE/personalized learning. This morning Alison posted this Facebook note with this introduction: “So I had a back and forth online with someone recently who didn’t understand the significance of education/workforce badging programs and asked me to write something up.”

I keep wondering when I’m going to wake up. It keeps driving me back to what Tim Slekar has preached about opt out: it is a movement meant to end the dismantling of public schools.

Time to get past the standardized tests, people, and consider the bigger picture. While you’re patting yourself on the back about high opt out numbers in a few states, corporate education reformers are two steps ahead of you….