Wisconsin State Rep. Bob Gannon said what? Part II. Or I see violent thugs that want to do me harm.




In response to the Orlando mass shooting, one Wisconsin elected official (probably hasn’t passed the civics test yet) proposed legislation for private businesses that restrict or ban people from “concealing and carrying.” This legislation would allow victims of gun violence to sue private property owners that enforce a “gun free zone.”

Representative Bob Gannon explained,

“There are violent thugs in our midst, some homegrown, some international, who are determined to cause us harm, This bill will give the citizens of Wisconsin a better chance of defending themselves and their loved ones against this scourge of terrorist activity.”


Yes there is an elected official in Wisconsin who actually believes that private property owners with  gun free zones should be held liable if “violent thugs who are determined to cause us harm” break the law and start shooting.

Below is an unconfirmed video of a possible Wisconsin Republican representative preparing to save you from thugs that enter a gun free zone”