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BustED Pencils Radio – What Would Matt Damon’s Mom Say? (WWMDMS)

WWMDMS – 2/26/16

WWMDMS – 2/26/16


Tucked away in a letter.

 Gates Foundation failures show philanthropists shouldn’t be setting America’s public school agenda


BustEDstretchStanding up by NOT standing up she stood up taller than inticipated!!

High school valedictorian skips graduation over speech about bullying




A seriously pissed off dad.  We are seriously pissed off with him!! Stamps are those things given to children to lift them up, give them a little smile and something to cherish. A stamp lets them know someone is proud of them.  A stamp that says “I need lunch money” placed on a child’s hand!!  SERIOUSLY!!  Talk about the highest level of humiliation!!  Can this article be anymore disrespectful of a child?????  Bust those pencils John!!

This angry dad says his kid’s school brands kids for not having money

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