The Response to Relay taking over Colorado? Silence! Guest post by Peggy Robertson


One of the greatest education news stories of the year occurred a week ago here in Colorado and it was untold.


This is the story of a fake graduate program getting approved by the Colorado Commission of Higher Education. CCHE has approved that non-educators trained by non-educators can be “certified” teachers who are in charge of the social, emotional, physical, mental and academic well-being of Colorado’s children. Imagine your child in that classroom. I’d like to see all the principals and leaders in Colorado who attended Relay Principal training PUT THEIR OWN CHILDREN IN THESE CLASSROOMS.

These fake teachers must prove that they can achieve one year’s growth via TEST scores in order to graduate from Relay. You can be assured that they will be stellar at teaching to the test. This is all that they know. And in order to make this happen, militant disciplinary methods must be used because children, and adults, ultimately find this form of dog training to be boring, redundant, and insulting. Therefore, it must be enforced – and as it is enforced this conditioning will become normal – it will be accepted as “as good as it gets.” Democratic thinking will continue to erode.

These fake teachers will be led by a fake dean who appears to be 31 years old and is a former TFA. She has two years teaching experience and appears to have some bizarro M.S.T. in which she got her training by speaking to robotic students via video games. Meanwhile her bachelor’s was in sociology.

One of the greatest news stories of the year. The destruction of the teaching profession making progress in Colorado. And why didn’t anyone speak up? Where was the state union? Where were the colleges of education in Colorado? Where were the educational researchers? No where to be found – all the time children were being harmed at my school, and will continue to be harmed at the hands of Relay in multiple schools across Colorado.

Those who didn’t speak up – the union, the colleges of education – understand one thing, your refusal to speak up ultimately will support the destruction of your own well-being. There will be no need for unions under Relay. There will be no need for colleges of education under Relay. There will be no need for experienced teachers at a higher salary under Relay. There will be no need for principals with extensive teaching experience under Relay. All of us – will be gone. And that was the intent all along.

One of the greatest news stories of the year. And silence.