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BustED Pencils Radio – What Would Matt Damon’s Mom Say? (WWMDMS)

WWMDMS – 1/15/16

WWMDMS – 1/15/16


In a June 2011 speech given by Dr. Carlsson-Paige she won the Embracing the Legacy Award from the Robert F. Kennedy Children’s Action Corps, she said,

“Teachers cannot thrive in punitive environments where they are measured, compared, and threatened. Children can’t learn in these environments either — at least they can’t learn in the ways I have taught teachers to understand learning for my whole career. You can drill kids and get their test scores up. You can take away recess and field trips, the arts and activity based learning to make time for more test prep. But real learning is not rote learning. Real learning is thinking in original ways, knowing how to apply ideas, growing morally as well as intellectually.”


All time LOW??? What??!! That’s NOT right!

We Won’t Improve Education By Making Teachers Hate Their Jobs


BustEDstretchEmanuel didn’t know, REALLY?  Give me a break!!

The sacking of Troy will not help Emanuel



Hey Alaska, how about you cancel all K-12 standardized tests forever??  Show the children how much you love them!!

Alaska cancels all K-12 standardized tests for the year, citing technical problems



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