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BustED Pencils Radio SPECIAL Episode – 

Special Episode of BustED Pencils: Busting Pencils in Chicago

Special Episode of BustED Pencils: Busting Pencils in Chicago


Danish-style kindergarten.  WHAT??!!!  Free play, decision making, physical activity, creating, understanding their environment??  BRAVO.  Look how happy the kids are!!  American kindergarteners would be begging for this if they knew about it!!!  Way better than the addictive mind numbing virtual world!  “You have to learn them to be interested in learning”, John Laigaard.  Perfectly said!!!

Kids Gone Wild


BustEDstretchAre teachers in fragile positions?  A cautionary tale??  “…teachers do help.” says Dewane Parker, former security chief for the Atlantic City School District.

Atlantic City teacher loses job after breaking up fight



Students in Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grades start learning Common Core skills.  (What the Hell???!!!)  “State assessments are an important part of a student’s core educational program,” City Schools Chancellor Carmen Farina said in a letter to parents.  (We just threw up!)   We love how the article purposely places the word “complains” when talking about parents who see what the Common Core is really all about.  The article mentions that the “students” (we call them kids) MUST take this test to prove academic progress.  (Truth is you can absolutely opt out of all standardized tests.  Guess how the “kids” prove academic progress then, their teacher records it! Wow.)

What’s new for the Common Core in 2016



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