BustED Pencils Trending News: Episode 11; Cares; $95,000; Featured

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BustED Pencils Radio Episode 11 – 

Busting Pencils with Marion Brady, Morna McDermott, and Matt’s Mom.

Episode 11: All In with Marion Brady, Morna McDermott, and Matt Damon’s Mom


Depriving teachers, feeling like a tourist and it was all about respect, effort and decency.  Time was the missing link.  No more “plugging” the achievement gaps instead Dr. Brock Cohen showed them he cares.  KEEP BUSTING PENCILS “Dr. Cohen, Dr Cohen”!!

White teacher: I thought I could reach my black students. Then one told me why I couldn’t.



WARNING WARNING WARNING – The NEW Office of Educational Opportunity.  Madison and Milwaukee WATCH OUT, this “new” office had the ability to bypass local school boards!!!! Gary Bennett to earn $95,000 in this “new” position!!!  Are there hidden SECRETS in this “new”??  We think so.

Republican legislative staffer hired by UW System to oversee creation of charter schools in Madison



CURMUDGUCATION features BustED Pencils!!!

Nancie Atwell Busts Some Pencils



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