Dear Teacher Education “Leaders”


As I am sure you know by now, ESSA passed the Senate and is headed for the President’s signature.  Not good news for teacher education.

If you’re confused by that statement please take some time to read Ken Zeichner’s piece in the Washington Post.  The new realities facing “traditional” teacher education are frightening.

Question: Can we now admit that it is time to build a movement of teacher education leaders?

Or should we just assimilate and simply adorn ourselves as Deans for Impact?

Now that fast track “academies” for teacher licensing are part of the federal legislation, it won’t be long before my under educated governor and his ALEC tattooed stooges vigorously start dismantling “traditional” teacher education and start appointing their campaign donors as the new Deans—for Impact?

It is time for bold action.   It’s time to act CRITICALLY, CULTURALLY RELEVANT, ANTI-OPPRESSIVE and LIBERATING—no more talking about it!