Revolutionary Civics for All.


“It’s so important for students to feel their role as the office of a citizen!” Isidore Starr

The quote above illustrates beautifully what we are throwing away when we mandate the regurgitation of rote knowledge about government.

However, come to Wisconsin and share in the ignorance that is unintelligent legislation without deliberation. Because starting next year, every high school senior will be required to demonstrate that they have wasted time cramming trivial information about American government into their heads just long enough to hopefully pass the new mandatory high stakes civics test.

I obviously have a strong sense of injustice regarding this legislative hijacking of public education.  In fact I have stated in the past and have no intention of changing direction—my son and daughter will not take this test.  We are opting out.  

Unless…… Unless all state legislators in Wisconsin pass the same useless test.  In fact, Representative Terese Berceau and I appeared on Greg Neumann’s Capital City Sunday show to offer a critique regarding this new test.

Check it out!


So what would we do instead?

How about something revolutionary?  How about actually inspiring students to critically dissect their government and the glorified American heritage that masquerades as history instruction?

How about this?