Enough! No More! Just Stop!

We do not need to read one more teacher resignation letter.  They don’t work!  All they do is create a sense of pity for the quitter and shine a spot light on the success of the reformers’ ultimate plan to kill public education and the profession of teaching.

In fact after a friend posted the recent article that highlighted Wendy Bradshaw’s resignation letter I decided to quickly comment.

Please don’t misunderstand me but the “teacher resignation letter” approach to fighting the disaster that has happened in our public schools is not a winner. We need an “FU I’m not quitting” series of letters from teachers that refuse to be bullied, harassed, and stressed out to the point of quitting.

My friend responded,

I’m with Tim. What this does is establish the strategy of attacking the real problem. I believe Tim’s tactic is much better.

Of course this started a small discussion.

Facebook person #1.

Tim and Thomas (Tim’s friend). Teachers are only human. The more you “FU ” the system, the more you are bullied by administrators with little or no educational experience. Thomas (Tim’s friend), you remember how much experience was needed to be an administrator….. [N]ow it is three years and you can be a principal. Teachers are tired, abused, and degraded. Things better change real soon or there will be no more Super Teachers left. There is no respect for the profession anymore which is a shame.

I added,

We have to get out of our fox holes and quit waiving surrender flags. Not easy I know, but the abuse will continue until we join ranks and fight back. Doing anything else will result in the continued dismantling of the profession. Teachers will only get the respect they deserve when they demand it. And demanding it will mean casualties. However not demanding it will doom the entire profession. Plus the kids need role models that fight for justice and stand up to bullies.

Facebook person #1 continued,

Great thought Tim. Teachers that standup today are not renewed at the end of the year….  You’re right, students need role models to fight the cause. Teachers need finances to live on…. It is the parents that need to stand up and demand proper education and support the brave souls that have remained in the learning community. Parents are the consumers that were brainwashed into this mess. Things need to change soon or America will be doomed (Bold added).

Obviously I agree with the “America will be doomed” statement and a few years ago I too thought the burden too heavy for teachers to bear.  However, as much as parents are an absolute necessity, teachers must also step up and reclaim their professional obligation to children and families. They (along with Teacher Educators and Deans) must subvert, disrupt, undermine, and overthrow this disaster—ideologically driven education reform—that has claimed too many students, teachers, schools, and neighborhoods.

No more teacher resignation letters. I want “FU! I’m staying” letters.  Please post yours here.