Dumb and Dumber: Killing the Superintendent of Public Instruction.


Under an elected Superintendent of Public Instruction, Wisconsin public schools are now subject to:

  1. Act 10-Banning the human right of collective bargaining.
  2. An almost unlimited increase in the use of voucher money to fund private education.
  3. For profit Charter School expansion.
  4. Accelerated Accountability to fuel the “failing Public schools” narrative.
  5. Using student test scores to evaluate teachers (This practice has been dismissed as “junk science”).
  6. Legalized public school take overs.
  7. The ability to dismiss the authority of locally elected school boards in “failing” districts.
  8. Excessive cuts to public school spending.

Anything I missed?

This is why I’m so confused over Wisconsin republicans’ desire to either eliminate the position of Superintendent of Public Instruction through 1) a constitutional amendment (dumb) or 2) using the Wisconsin Supreme Court to dismantle DPI (dumber).

If you’re in the Republican leadership why would you do this?  Every ALEC supported education reform has been successfully implemented under an elected Superintendent.  What more do you want?

In fact why not face reality and try thinking beyond the present moment for just a second.  If the Superintendent of Public Instruction is turned into an appointed political position there will come a day when a Democrat will be in the governor’s mansion.  And from what I understand—pay back is a bitch.