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BustEDstretchHey Melinda and Bill Gates, here is a MUST READ for ya!

We can’t believe Melinda and Bill Gates are calling their “dismantling” of public schools across the entire country as “philanthropic work”!  Let me remind you what the definition is for “philanthropic” –

The difference commonly cited is that charity relieves the pains of social problems, whereas philanthropy attempts to solve those problems at their root causes (the difference between giving a hungry person a fish, and teaching them how to fish). A person who practices philanthropy is called a philanthropist.

We (People here at BustED Pencils) think Mr. and Mrs. Gates need to spend a week participating in public school to witness, first hand, their so called “philanthropic work” before they dear speak of what they perceive to know about a child in the public school or a teacher’s thought process.

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BustEDstretchBustED Pencils recent post “NO MORE TEACHER RESIGNATION LETTERS!” has started a revolution!  The ARMY is growing!!

Dear Reformers



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