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Go Michigan Department of ED! Critical thinking and creativity over memorizing facts and filling in bubbles!  Way to BUST SOME PENCILS!!  (Confetti shower please)

In teaching versus testing, teaching must win



Melinda Gates said “Parents rightfully said, ‘Oh my gosh, a new test,” – Really Melinda?!!  I believe it was more like “What the hell??  This standardized testing is child abuse!”  When you read this article by Lyndsey Layton make sure to “read between the lines” of what Bill Gates is saying.  Gates says he never anticipated the political pushback to the Common Core from tea party conservatives on the right and progressives on the left.  Gates lack of anticipation on the pushback was due to the fact that he was focused on profit not CHILD.

Keep pushing back on the standardized testing movement, we are winning!!!

Improving U.S. schools tougher than global health, Gates says




King of student suspensions, (slap my forehead), quite a contradiction to the US DOE policies which he is about to lead.

John King, New SecEd, Is The King of Student Suspensions UPDATED



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