Document Based Question for aspiring leaders in the Wisconsin Legislature.


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Directions Part 1:

Below are two sets of documents.

  1. Describe each document set.
  2. Explain the intent of each document set.
  3. Compare and contrast the qualifications detailed in each document set.
  4. Using evidence from the documents, please select a candidate to chair your state’s education committee.
  5. Using evidence please craft a letter to the unqualified candidate explaining the reasons for your decision.

Directions Part 2:

  1. Create a world of fantasy.
  2. Complete steps 4-5 again except this time select the other candidate.

If you were able to successfully complete the directions in Part 2 please move to the front of the line.  You are obviously capable of ignoring evidence and unable to reason. Therefore your intentions are at the least questionable and at the most destructive. You are ready for a leadership position in Wisconsin politics.

Document Set #1

Thiesfeldt1 Thiesfeldt2


Document Set #2

Slekar2_Page_1 Slekar2_Page_2 Slekar2_Page_3 Slekar2_Page_4 Slekar2_Page_5 Slekar2_Page_6 Slekar2_Page_7 Slekar2_Page_8Slekar2_Page_9