Wisconsin’s Attack on Freedom.


Can it get any worse in Wisconsin?  I guess the answer to that question is it can always get worse.  I mean at this point we’re only restricting local taxpayers’ freedom to self govern their community schools.  Politicians are only restricting citizens’ freedom to new knowledge?  Corporations are only restricting academics’ freedom to have research agendas through monetary “donations” to our politicians.

As they say, “it can always be worse!”

Can it? Really?

Once we lose our freedom to self government and once we lose our freedom to knowledge haven’t we truly entered a state of tyranny?

So have we? Have we entered a true state of tyranny?  One only need look at the purposeful dismantling of Wisconsin’s public K-12 and university education systems to answer that question.

Legislatively declaring schools failing and them handing them over to private management is an attack on the freedom of citizens to self government.  Simply put: School takeovers are tyrannical actions.

Legislatively removing job protections from academics and restricting the exchange of knowledge between teachers and students is an attack on the freedom to inquire and learn. Again. Simply put: Attacking the freedom to learn is a tyrannical action.

The freedom to self government and the freedom to teach and learn are the only guarantees against the totalitarian exploitation of the people.

This should be a wake up call to ALL teachers and academics in Wisconsin! You have been targeted for elimination! It doesn’t matter if you retire early, quit, or your asked to leave, the message is clear (Act 10 and now the Joint Finance Committee’s attack on Public schools including the UW system)—”teachers and academics are not professionals and a free education is not a human right. Take your desire to understand the complexity of the world, your desire to search for truth, and your desire to teach the masses away from here.”

Wisconsin no longer believes in freedom!