BustED Pencils Trending News: Pearson/ADHD; Angry White Mom; No test Tulsa

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Does that mean Pearson is starting to head down another road and get out of our public schools or does it mean disaster ahead?

Pearson Acquires ADHD Testing Company BioBehavioral Diagnostics




Our own “Mom Michelle” and “Activist of the Week” from BustED Pencils is deeply offended and insulted by Arne Duncan’s remarks about white suburban mom’s and opt out families. Her letter has over 1,000 likes on Facebook and almost 400 views on our BustED Pencils guest post. It was posted and shared like crazy as well as snail mailed by certified mail directly to Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and President Barack Obama! This Mom is ANGRY.

Letter to Arne Duncan, Guest post by Michelle Slekar




“Parents and other educators hailed them as heroes for speaking out”.  A teacher is standing up for her first-graders. A teacher? Wait what?   Awesome.

Tulsa teacher follows through on vow to not test first-graders, risks termination


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