BustED Pencils Trending News: “Every Child Achieves Act” Gains Traction.

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Below are three stories that feature the main news of the day.  ESEA and now the new  Every Child Achieves Act appears to have bipartisan support. Is this good news? Depends. Depends on what part of the old NCLB and NCLB waivers you hated.

BustED Pencils’ biggest concern is the fact that the national testing orgy continues and in fact may now enjoy 50 new contortions.

However, unlike FOX News , we repost and it’s up to you if you cry.

Peter Greene provides a a decent glimpse at the highs and lows.  Peter’s overall assessment? Read and find out!

Senate Proposal Cuts Duncan Off A Knees


Big Education Ape posts the original press release.

Alexander, Murray Announce Bipartisan Agreement on Fixing “No Child Left Behind


New bill “assuages” Democrats with testing and seduces Republicans by keeping mum on the Common Core.

Senators Release Plan to Replace No Child Left Behind


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