Scott Walker for Social Studies Teacher.


Let’s see, we barely made it through the AB 1 fiasco last week.  We still have the weekend to craft pointed and evidenced based arguments (a common core standard) to level at SB 1 and now today Governor Walker hits us with,

Gov. Scott Walker is proposing an alternative pathway for people to become licensed as teachers in Wisconsin.

Walker on Thursday announced that he is proposing that people with work experience be allowed to take a competency test to gain a teacher license. Walker’s spokeswoman says the Department of Public Instruction will be charged with creating a competency exam that will allow someone with “real life experience” to gain a teacher license.

It’s obvious this group of republicans has done their reading on “disruption” theory.

Oh let me count the ways that this silly proposal can be dismantled.  1,2,3,… What? I’m counting.  You don’t really want me to waste your time do you?  You know like pointing out that if it’s a good idea for people with “real life experience” to become a teacher simply by taking a test then surely it must also be a good idea to apply the same standard to a host of other professions.

Real Life Experiences

  1. “Hey I like going to the airport and I have even been on a plane 10 different times. I want to be a pilot!” OK. Just take this test.
  2. “I ate nothing but fat and sugar during my adult life and had to have open heart surgery and during recovery I watched Dr. Oz for 3 weeks. I want to be a surgeon!” OK. Just take this test.
  3. When I was little I made really cool lego structures and I made my cat walk across them.  I want to build bridges.” OK. Just take this test.

Sorry.  I said I wasn’t going to do that.  But hopefully you get my point.

I have my own proposal.  Before any politician proposes education legislation, each politician must actually enroll in and complete a teacher education program.  Then they must teach in a high needs school for three years (real life experience you know). Oh, and they would also have to pass the tests that already exist for teachers trying to obtain a license.

In other words, take courses, do field experiences, student teach, pass tests and graduate.