People’s Bill #1 (PB1): Legislator Accountability Bill


Today I put forth PB1 (People’s Bill #1) Legislator Accountability Bill.

This Bill was drafted by members of ALECFLA (American Legislative Exchange Council for Legislator Accountability).

Bill Summary

  • This bill would require all legislators produce a weekly information sheet detailing any and all work paid for the people of the state.
  • This bill would require that all meetings between legislators and lobbyists are disclosed and a meeting transcript be made available to the people of the state.
  • This bill would require that all financial contributions be published weekly and any draft legislation attached to said contributions be disclosed immediately.
  • This bill would require that each legislator post and keep weekly office hours for the people of the state.
  • This bill would require that the each legislative body (house and senate) develop a data gathering system and legislative report card.
  • This bill would require that individual legislator report cards detail legislator effectiveness.
  • Legislator effectiveness will be determined using Value Added Legislator (VALs) methodology.
  • VAL scores will be used to determine legislative raises and the continued privilege of serving the people of the state.

Public Hearings should begin immediately.  And in keeping with this country’s long standing history, it is suggested that local taverns serve as meeting spots. And testimony will only be heard after “last call” thereby allowing for extended public comment prior to actual hearings.

Legislators are welcome to speak but must register at their constituency’s tavern. Legislators, lobbyists and special interests will speak only after the people at said hearing have completed their testimony and have either taken a cab home or fallen asleep.