Episode 37: The Reformation of an Education Reformer.


Feature Interview: Dr. Jason E. Glass is the new Superintendent and Chief Learner at Jefferson County Schools in Colorado.  However, before becoming “chief learner,” Dr. Glass was a….( Hold your breath)—a reformer.  What happened?  You’re going to have to listen.

Trending News: Can the Democrats get back in the game with a “better deal?”

DeVos and Trump were brought to us by the Democrats? Hum.  I wonder What Would Matt Damon’s Mom Say?

Kohn’s Zone: Who uses rubrics?  I bet you won’t after listening to Alfie.

Activist of the Week: Writing Teacher Jen Doucette talks about her new grading philosophy.  Hey even Alfie tweeted this blog post.

And of course. A Moment of Zinn.

Lets Bust some Pencils!