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33 year old Charter Czar in Wisconsin to be paid $93,000.00 from public funds to PRIVATIZE schools.

This morning in MADISON.COM the headline was Gary Bennett, new ‘charter czar,’ pledges collaboration with district, downplays competition. Gary Bennett wants to assure you he’s not out to destroy the Madison School District. The former legislative staffer leads the new Office of Educational Opportunity at the University of Wisconsin System. That makes him the unofficial… Read more »

Check out Rebel Teacher Blog!

Introduction Welcome to Rebel Teacher, a blog that explores how the educational system works to perpetuate society’s status quo.  It encourages everyday teachers, students, parents and community members to challenge the  dominant paradigms of capitalism, imperialism, racial and gender oppression. The job of the educational system in any society is to reproduce the values of… Read more »

Relay Leadership School: No Pedagogy, No Humanity, No Democracy. Guest post by Peggy Robertson.

I teach in a Relay Leadership School. 26 days left. If you do what Relay wants, you cannot, simply cannot, give any true time, energy, or credence to true pedagogy, inquiry or issues of equity and diversity and democracy. It’s not possible if you are standardized down to the most regimented target followed by success… Read more »

The Enemy of my Enemy is NOT my Friend!

Why do we care if Lamar Alexander gave John King the smackdown? Has Alexander all of a sudden become some kind of public school super hero? No! He has as much disdain for public schools as any of the democratic reformers—especially King. Wake up people. Cheering for a different enemy of public education is still cheering… Read more »

It’s Opt Out Season: Let the Bullying Begin.

It must be opt out season. How do I know? Child abuse is rampant. It is abuse when you threaten a child with false consequences to make them and their parents submit to a meaningless standardized test. Using fear to elicit behavior is abuse. However, for some reason adults in schools seem to have no… Read more »

Mandatory Civics Test: A “good idea” to deny Ethnic Studies?

This is my third post concerning Representative James Edming’s good idea to use the budget process to thwart democracy and require all Wisconsin students to pass a civics test before they can graduate (Using the budget process to pass legislation without debate is NOT on the civics test). At first I thought it was just a… Read more »

Wisconsin’s mandatory Civics test: State mandated racism by omission.

A few months ago I wrote about about opting out of the new “mandatory” civics test that recently became a graduation requirement in Wisconsin.  Remember, this is the test that  Representative James “Jimmy Boy” Edming thought was “a good idea.”  I also went on Capital City Sunday with Representative Terese Berceau to talk about the problems associated… Read more »

AFT and NEA: Killing Teacher Education in the Name Of…?

FACT: The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) was brought to you via bipartisanship, the American Federation of Teachers, the National Education Association and “others.” ESSA creates unaccountable, fast-track teacher certification academies that operate independently from colleges and universities. These academies offer a certificate that must be recognized as the “equivalent of at least a Master’s… Read more »

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A Right-Wing Delusion: ESSA is “leftist and progressive” victory.

Since the passage of the new Elementary and Secondary Education Act (Every Student Succeeds Act)—pundits are either confused or simply just acting out their part in this never ending nightmare. Being a “leftist” I typically don’t read The Pulse 2016.  However a short post from The Pulse was sent my way this morning. And so… Read more »