Colorado and Relay: Continued Blank Space. Guest Post by Peggy Robertson


In case you didn’t know it, Colorado tax payer dollars are being spent this weekend for educational leaders in Colorado to fly to New York for another session with non-educators at Relay fake graduate school.

They will learn more scripted material to bring back to Colorado to inflict upon teachers and children – further diminishing any democratic thinking. A compliance, racist and militant model of discipline and teaching to the test is the model of public education for our black and brown communities via Relay. And no pushback. None.

They are rolling it out without any parent knowledge. As I have watched various leaders and districts embrace Relay I wonder why these leaders don’t sport a Relay t-shirt or speak of Relay by name? I find that fascinating. The name “Relay” remains very much hush hush. Why so quiet? Why not loud and proud? Reminds me of other times in history when horrific events occurred and no one believed it could be truly happening. Is the silence – refusal to use the name “Relay” – due to the personal shame of inflicting such educational malpractice on our children – malpractice these leaders would NEVER allow their own child to endure? I wonder. Please – let us know who you are. Which schools? How many are silently implementing Relay? I’d like to be clear about what I’m dealing with as we move forward in CO to expose and shame.

And don’t talk to me about people needing paychecks and simply doing what they’ve got to do to hold down a job – they also took these jobs along with a commitment to do right by children – to protect and support their growth mentally, physically, emotionally, and academically.

Would you give a pass to a physician who gave your child a poison that inflicted a slow and deadly illness just because THE PHYSICIAN NEEDED A PAYCHECK? Hell no, there wouldn’t be a pass – THERE WOULD BE CRIMINAL CHARGES.

Meanwhile, these leaders all dine in NY on CO tax dollars learning techniques that will be used specifically to force compliance upon our neediest children and hardworking teachers who are bashed daily in the press. If this slow deadly conditioning continues, our democracy will be gone. So, I wonder why the silence – when so much is at stake?

Please, if you love Relay, start spreading the word of your love so we know who you are. Step up. Show your proud face. I’m tired of everyone quietly giving Relay a pass while these folks bring in a paycheck on the backs of our urban diverse communities.

Let’s get real. This summer I’ll be compiling a list of the public schools who are engaging with Relay in Colorado. Let’s get crystal clear about where Relay has landed. Parents deserve to know so that they can decide if this is what they want for their child, using their tax dollars. Just because Relay is “forced” upon schools doesn’t give anyone a pass – time to get the word out.

You can eliminate my position at a Relay Leadership School but you can’t silence me. Trolls, be sure to take that back to your leaders – you’ve been rockin’ it lately.